Staffmore Staffing Solutions

A Brand Refresh: Keeping your image aligned with your strengths.

Staffmore LLC. is more than a staffing placement agency, but their true strengths and value proposition weren’t being communicated in a clear, compelling fashion. As their leadership became increasingly aware of this shortcoming, they decided to seek a marketing partner to help them assess their brand and retool messaging where necessary. For Staffmore, TerraFirma was an easy choice, given our depth of staffing industry experience and non-cookie-cutter approach to branding.

In a series of discovery meetings between TerraFirma and the Staffmore team, brand strengths and weaknesses were identified. Together, we were building the foundation for rebranding which began with a new, contemporary logo and color palette. On the heels of that was a website that better captured the essence of their company and culture. In addition to a refreshed graphic look, the TerraFirma team gave the new website a consistent, branded voice that spoke to Staffmore’s incredible level of expertise and warm, dedicated personal service.

In the end, the Staffmore team could hardly wait to show off their new brand and TerraFirma was excited to see our expertise benefit such a derserving company.

Staffmore Signs
We needed a new brand look and an up-to-date representation of our company. TerraFirma immediately understood what we were asking for and delivered a fantastic new website. Soon after, we were hearing that newly acquired candidates chose us over our competitors because of the site. Great job, TerraFirma!
- Christina Sorvari, Director of Operations, Staffmore
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