Specialized Staffing Solutions

Specialized Staffing Websites

Three individual sites. One brand umbrella.

It's commonplace for staffing firms to operate multiple companies under one corporate umbrella. For those who choose this business model, it's also common for their brands to grow apart – not intentionally or by neglect, but simply through brand-specific updates and ever-changing content.

When Specialized Staffing Solutions reached out to TerraFirma Marketing, they needed guidance on how to align their sites. The first order of business was to conduct a brand audit to reaffirm and, if necessary, modify brand messaging and positioning. We also emphasized the importance of looking at both sides of the brand - the corporate side and the recruiting side. Once the brand "voice" was determined, it was used consistently throughout all three websites. The second step was to update the visual approach giving each site unique design elements while staying true to the brand's architecture.

In development, our programmers went to town improving functionality, SEO and navigation to enhance the overall user experience. Each site is fully fluid and responsive for all devices. Add a clean, contemporary design, seamless functionality and a compelling brand presence and you have a recipe for one extremely satisfied client.

My experience with TerraFirma has been great. They understood our needs and challenges as a staffing organization. They also have the technical expertise I was looking for in a digital partner.
Dan O'Sullivan - Manager of Marketing & Communications
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