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terra firma : solid ground

Results built on a solid foundation.

In order to build a structure that stands the test of time, it starts with a solid foundation. The same is true for building a company. At TerraFirma Marketing, we are serious about helping our staffing clients develop a custom marketing strategy that drives results. Even our name TerraFirma, which translates to “solid ground,” supports our mission of delivering results on a solid foundation. Together we will help you create a marketing strategy that works for your staffing organization.

There is no substitute for experience.

A leader who has walked the walk.

Jay Mattern, TerraFirma CEO and former CEO of The Peoplelink Group, spent 32 years in the staffing industry. Under his leadership, Peoplelink had a compound annual growth rate of nearly 12% and became the 35th largest staffing firm in the United States.

Jay believes it is critical that staffing firms develop a clear, effective strategy for communicating to the candidate market, and then execute messages that speak directly to that audience. To capture the best talent, staffing firms must connect with candidates to make them comfortable and confident in the decision to choose one company over another.

"As a former staffing entrepreneur and executive, I understand the challenges faced by emerging staffing firms and the importance of a solid marketing strategy."

- Jay Mattern, CEO

A team that can talk the talk.

We're experts at developing unique messages that speak directly to the talent staffing firms are seeking. We also understand which avenues to take in order to deliver that message. As a full-service agency, we have all of the tools and talent to maximize your marketing budget. Our entire team is creative, strategic and service-focused. Plus, our depth, and breadth, of experience means we know how to execute and problem-solve in real time. We've been a marketing force for over 38 years and we're poised to help you win the impending recruitment war.

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