Visus Gorup

Visus Group Staffing Consulting

A New Branded Look and Website to Match.

The Visus Group is a long-time provider of consulting services to the staffing industry. As a valued TerraFirma client, Visus was already familiar with our capabilities and industry expertise. So, when the time came to update their website, Visus turned to us for a strategic solution.

It’s not uncommon for a company to outgrow its website. And The Visus Group was no different. Their company had evolved in a variety of ways and their site was struggling to communicate their expanded services. They had basically outgrown the design and function of their old website and the user experience had begun to suffer.

Initial project planning began with a deep dive into what the Visus team was looking for in a new website, such as refined audience targeting, updated branding, intuitive navigation and a clear presentation of their unique offering. A site map was developed and goals were established for the new site.

With a clear understanding of what the new website would entail, TerraFirma went into design and development mode. Content was reviewed thoroughly, reorganized and streamlined. Copy was edited and rewritten to more accurately define The Visus Group’s services and better express benefits to prospective clients. Graphically, the clean, new look stayed true to the Visus brand by keeping their iconic purple color and familiar font family – all while giving it a fresh, contemporary visual appeal.

Working with TerraFirma was fantastic. They took the time on the front end to listen and really understand our goals. The entire project was managed extremely well. All timeline dates were met and meetings were efficient and effective. Overall, the industry experience that TerraFirma offered aided all aspects of the project.
- Tom Kosnik, Founding Partner, Visus Group
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