Pinpoint Pharma

Pinpoint Pharma | Scientific & Clinical Recruitment Agency

Shining light on the strengths of a brand.

Pinpoint Pharma is a highly experienced national recruitment and staffing firm specializing in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related industries. They are passionate about what they do and their commitment to both clients and candidates is second to none. Following several discovery calls between Pinpoint Pharma and the TerraFirma team, it became apparent that these strengths needed to be highlighted on their website and through their brand messaging.

Having identified these unspoken benefits, TerraFirma was now armed with the key insights needed to design a more compelling website – one that captures the essence of the Pinpoint brand and the strengths that set them apart. By showcasing their staff's experience, expertise and heartfelt commitment, the true spirit of their brand now shines through for clients and candidates alike.

Everyone at TerraFirma was attentive and insightful. They listened and dedicated themselves to learning about our business. Together, we strengthened our brand for both clients and candidates.
- Jennifer Dodge, HR Operations Director, Pinpoint Pharma
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