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Making the case for content marketing.

Here at TerraFirma, we believe in the value and power of content marketing – the art of building relationships with audiences through consistent, relevant and empathetic conversations. While many companies share our belief, being consistent is often the biggest challenge for them and, in turn, effectiveness and results suffer. When marketing isn’t considered a day-to-day priority, communications like blogs, emails, and social media posts tend to get pushed off. And an opportunity to connect with a candidate or client is lost. That’s why it’s vital to have a dedicated content plan and adhere to a preset schedule.

Enter TerraFirma. We partner with a variety of companies in the staffing industry, assisting with content development, scheduling and distribution. We customize our involvement to meet the individual needs and goals of each client we serve.

Original blog content

Original blog content

The TerrraFirma team often serves as a ghostwriter for clients, authoring original content for them to house on their website or distribute using LinkedIn, Facebook, email or any other platform. Bottom line, we provide relevant content that engages audiences, informs them and fosters relationship building. In the simplest terms, we do the writing and our clients get the credit and reap the benefits.

Social Media

Audiences have a voracious appetite for social media and keeping them fed can feel like an impossible job. Most companies have good intentions when it comes to digital communication efforts, but lack a strategy, schedule and, in many cases, the manpower to maintain a strong social presence.

At TerraFirma, we specialize in social media management and strategy development. We partner with companies to maximize the effectivenes of their social media program by assisting with content development, messaging, graphic appeal and placement. Our participation varies from client to client depending their needs and in-house capabilities.

Social Media

Video content

The fact that the world consumes video at an astronomical rate makes it an invaluable marketing tool. When executed properly, it engages audiences like nothing else can. Audio, visuals and music working as one creates a powerful connection and has been proven to leave a longer-lasting impression.

The key is doing it right – the right message, the right format, the right plan for distribution. At TerraFirma Marketing, we not only produce videos, we provide strategic guidance for developing and delivering compelling content. Our knowledge of the staffing industry ensures that the work we do is timely, on-topic and will resonate with your target audience.

Video Content
At TerraFirma, we walk the walk. We employ the same multi-faceted approach we offer our clients. We consistently utilize social media, emails, newsletters, blogs and videos to continually build our brand and awareness within the staffing industry. For us, content is truly king.
- Lori Headley, CSP, Sr. VP of Client Service, Terrafirma Marketing
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