Paramount to PROMAN Staffing

Acquisition branding and marketing support.

After the Proman Group, a world leader in staffing, acquired Chicago-based Paramount Staffing, there was a clear need for transition planning and rebranding. With locations across the U.S., it was important to bring all of the Paramount companies together under one consistent brand umbrella – that of the parent company. Having familiarity and a working relationship with each of the companies, the TerraFirma team was summoned to provide transition marketing support.

PROMAN Staffing Screenshot

Two immediate needs were a communication plan for announcing the transition in a timely, coordinated way and a brand unification plan for combining the two brands without confusing clients, candidates and any prospects familiar with Paramount Staffing. In short, Paramount Staffing was changing their name to Proman and TerraFirma was providing the road map.

In addition to press releases, annoucements and social media efforts, it was critical to rebrand the Paramount website under the Proman umbrella without losing the brand equity Paramount had built over the years. It was a delicate balancing act and TerraFirma took great care in order to get it right.

Another facet of the plan was internal branding to generate excitement and awareness for the transition while easing concerns and promoting peace of mind – particularly for office staff and candidates at various branches which were impacted.

In tandem with letters, emails, and various communication efforts, TerraFirma developed an animated “Strength in Family” video that spelled out the benefits of the acquisition in a vibrant, colorful way.

Strength in the Family
TerraFima’s knowledge of the staffing industry, in particular branding and acquisitions, made them the clear choice as a marketing partner. Their guidance made the process as strategic and seamless as it could possibly be.
- Joe Heaton, Vice President of Operations, PROMAN Staffing
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