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Paramount Staffing

Defining and aligning your brands.

When Paramount Staffing acquired TalentForce the goal was to gradually bring the new company into the fold and eventually phase out their name. It sounds simple, but where do you start? That was the question TerraFirma was happy to answer – you have to have a plan.

During an acquisition, it’s critical not to alienate or confuse an audience that's familiar with the acquired brand. At the same time, it's important to welcome the acquired company into the new family. The transition should be incremental, strategic and adhere to a well-conceived plan. Working together with Paramount, we developed a 3-step logo transition designed to keep clients, staffers and prospects informed. It reassured them, helped clarify the transition and maintained brand strength – even during times of change.

The team at TerraFirma, invited Paramount to think long-term and help them understand that this was not a one-and-done execution, but rather a framework for how future acquisitions would be handled.

In the transition logo our design team opted to keep the same font used in the TalentForce logo but added graphic elements and the color scheme from the Paramount brand. TerraFirma also recommended the positioning line "A Paramount Family of Companies" that would accompany this and future transition logos. Once the logo treatment was defined, a strategic rollout plan was developed that outlined the various phases of transition, a timeline for internal and external communications and recommendations for digital and social media activity.

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