Want Higher Candidate Acquisition Rates? Start with Improving Your Candidate Experience

All the buzz these days is about the ‘candidate experience.’ I hate to pile on, but that idea has legs. We are still in a very competitive job market. There are still one and half open jobs for every job seeker. This is truly a consumer economy for candidates. On top of that, many organizations are having difficulty in retaining their workforce, which becomes even more important when the job market is so competitive.

So what is the silver bullet? You guessed it — candidate experience. But where does one start? Many companies are emphasizing the enhancement of candidate experience beginning with the recruiting process. This approach has clearly demonstrated its effectiveness in building a strong and robust candidate pipeline. Let’s take a closer look at the top five factors contributing to creating a positive candidate journey.

User-friendly application process.

A streamlined application process is essential for maximizing applicant responses and capturing their interest. It has been reported that up to 60% of job seekers bail out of the application process due to its complexity. Organizations can significantly enhance the candidate experience by just simplifying the process and optimizing it for mobile devices.

Personalization and customization.

Over 80% of candidates are looking for personalized communication from companies that are hiring and believe it would dramatically improve their overall experience. That being the case, implementing a tailored approach to fit each individual’s needs and preferences should be a top priority in order to create a sense of personal connection between the candidate and the hiring organization.

Transparent communication.

Clear and consistent communication throughout the entire recruitment process is critical. Nearly 82% of all applicants say that they expect to be regularly updated on the status of their application. In addition, 87% of candidates say that a positive interview experience influences their opinion about either a role or a company (or both). Meeting this expectation demonstrates respect for the candidate and cultivates a positive experience.

Consistent employer branding.

Maintaining consistent messaging and branding throughout recruitment is vital, since a vast majority of candidates conduct thorough research on a company’s reputation and their brand before ever applying. Making sure that the company’s values, culture, and mission are effectively communicated across various touch points helps build trust and engagement, as well as providing a distinct impression in the candidate's mind of the company.

Prompt and constructive feedback.

Providing timely feedback to candidates after interviews and other interactions is paramount. Giving constructive feedback contributes to the candidate’s professional growth and produces positive perceptions of the organization.

In summary, it’s all about creating an exceptional candidate experience that leaves a lasting impression. By placing a priority on candidate satisfaction, hiring organizations can gain a significant edge in today’s competition for talent. Effective talent management along with a resilient candidate pipeline allows companies to have the right people in the right positions — and at just the right time. It’s not about filling positions, but rather about building relationships, fostering engagement, and creating a memorable experience for each and every candidate.

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